Couples Counseling

As a therapeutic professional, Megan Richardson got her degree in Couples and Family Counseling, and her driving passion is healthy families and thriving relationships.

She enjoys working with couples and providing proven techniques that can enhance relationships. At Thrive Therapy, we draw from empirically based approaches including The Gottman Method of Couples Therapy. This method is designed to help teach specific tools to deepen friendship and intimacy in your relationship.

“Despite what many therapists will tell you, you don’t have to RESOLVE your major marital conflicts for your marriage to THRIVE.” (Gottman & Silver, 2002).

To help you productively manage conflicts, you will be given methods to manage “resolvable problems” and dialogue about “gridlocked” or perpetual issues. This approach also helps you to appreciate your relationships strengths and gently navigate through it’s vulnerabilities.

Relationship Issues

Looking to maximize your relationship experience? Many couples engage in couples counseling to increase relationship satisfaction and learn practical techniques to feel successful in engaging in relationships in the future. Clients report feeling more confident about the way they respond to their partner and feel more assured about themselves.

Therapy After Infidelity

Recovering from a betrayal can feel daunting however it is possible for a relationship to remain intact and to grow from the experience. Thrive Therapy provides support to couples looking to process infidelity and make sense for what this means in the context of their own relationship.

Marriage Therapy

Married couples benefit from marriage therapy at Thrive Therapy by learning skills that help to increase the likelihood for a long lasting and satisfying relationship.

Divorce Support Counseling

Couples who are considering divorce could benefit from therapy to determine options and feel more confident about what may be best for their family.


Recently engaged? Thrive therapy would love to support you in establishing a strong foundation for your relationship.

Recently Engaged?

Thrive Therapy is an approved Pre-Marital Course provider in Hillsborough County. By taking a Pre-Marital Course, the 3 day waiting period to apply for a license is waived, and you can apply for a license at a reduced price – not to mention the benefit of the investment in your relationship in the long term.

Megan is a trained Prepare/Enrich Pre-Marital Counseling Course Facilitator.  After participating in the recommended sessions, couples will receive a certificate of completion to be used to acquire their benefits through the county. This approach can involve a faith-based structure or not, but is not the best fit for all couples. Each premarital process is catered to the specific needs of the couple while also being informed by the The Gottman Method of Couples Therapy approach.

“My passion is restoring relationship health. My clients appreciate the balance between a research-based structure of appointments while also valuing an environment of authenticity. Together we explore how to establish healthy habits to maximize your life experience and truly THRIVE!” – Megan Richardson, LMFT

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Couple say their relationship has improved after counseling in Tampa

Couples Counseling in Tampa, Florida

Are you suffering from issues in your relationship that keep coming back or are getting worse? These “gridlocked” problems have the potential to unravel a relationship if not specifically addressed.

Thrive Therapy specializes in providing counseling for couples in Tampa, FL. We can help you open up a dialogue and approach these perpetual issues in a supportive environment.

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Sometimes life can leave us struggling to connect, to grow and to thrive. If you are dealing with significant issues such as depression, anxiety or grief, Thrive Therapy can help. Fill out our contact form today if you’d like to make an appointment.