Welcome to Thrive Therapy!

I am excited to announce the opening of Thrive Therapy in Tampa!

While my blog will mostly contain content related to relationship enhancement, increasing relationship satisfaction, and tips for supporting closeness as a family, this first post will serve as an introduction to my practice.

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, my passion is serving others who are struggling with depression, anxiety, reactions to a traumatic experience, grief over the loss of a loved one, and relationship dissatisfaction. For many clients, while they feel happy in their relationship, they want to maximize their experience and establish healthy habits to sustain a thriving relationship.


Can I Benefit From Seeing a Counselor in Tampa?

Counseling can certainly help those who feel healthy but want most out of this life, A healthy relationship with self and others is the goal and that is where I feel I can help. Each experience in the counseling room is going to look different, because each story, each person, each perspective is unique. I see it as my role to meet the client where they are at, and allow the expertise of the client to be revealed in order to solve the presenting concerns or issues.

Why Did You Choose the Phoenix As Your Symbol?

I chose the phoenix as the logo for Thrive Therapy very intentionally, as it represents what I hope my practice will offer to the Tampa community. I previously worked with a client that had experienced a sexual assault. Through the counseling process, this client resorted to painting to represent their healing journey. At the termination of counseling, this client donated a painting of a phoenix to the agency where I was working to represent their transformation and to be able to help inspire others who had experienced what they had.

A phoenix represents rebirth, victory, and renewal. It represents overcoming, that he or she has arisen from the flames of life’s challenges. This is what I hope for those I work with, to feel empowered by their experience, for beauty and meaning to be revealed in the struggle and “ugly” that this life presents, and to leave feeling as though they are the best versions of themselves. Thriving.